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Elevated Volatility Keeps European Currencies Under Pressure as Investors Seek Sanctuary in the Dollar

Added 14 hours ago
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Market Spotlight: BOJ's Kuroda Defends Bank's FX Intervention

Added 15 hours ago
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Market Spotlight: GBPUSD Reversing Sharply Off All-Time Lows

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Precious Metals Monday 26-09-2022

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The Story of Anthony Crudele: One of the First E-mini S&P500 Traders

By Sophie Eliades
Added 1 year ago
Oscar Wilde once said that “life is never fair, and perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not”. Take from that what you will; but something everyone can attest to is that the ebbs and...

Trading Idea on Gold: Will the Fed Fuel Further Rally?

By Arthur Idiatulin
Added 2 years ago
European stocks remain in consolidation mode since the end of last week, which is not the case for the US equity markets, where the “buy-the-dip” army of market players are propelling a rebound....

Stocks Retreat After the Fed is Likely Temporary and Here is Why

By Arthur Idiatulin
Added 2 years ago
US futures appear to be freezing with indecision as chances are slimming to obtain bullish catalysts from the US eco data or the Fed policy. The US central bank was pretty transparent at signaling...